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Our Story

With many years of experience, our affiliate network offers a global community of people and business intelligence technologies.

We have continued to develop and work on our platform almost every day, to keep up with the overall developement in the industry and to take the lead regarding to transparency, user experience and technology.

No matter what type of partner, level of service, or tools your business needs, Affily Net provides solutions to drive long-lasting growth.

Affily Net connects businesses with customers around the world. We have about 13,000+ ADVERTISERS and more than 200,000+ AFFILIATES around the globe.


Principles of our work

Affily Net's primary goal

Affily Net’s primary goal is to create qualitative Relations between advertisers and affiliates as well as to manage the support, technology, management and the finances.

Transparency and quality

Transparency and quality are the core values for a long-lasting, and mutually, beneficial cooperation.

Match advertisers with talented affiliates

In Affily Net affiliate network advertisers and affiliates collaborates within a results-based model where the focus is to match advertisers with talented affiliates which can generate more sales for advertisers.

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