Increase Traffic and Sales with Affiliates
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Start affiliate marketing

with our entry-level solution

Designed even for startups, small business, beginners and emerging businesses.

With decreased commitment, no setup fees and low-risk commercials. Easy to manage programs to create partnerships with publishers to increase brand exposure, visitors and sales, important for young businesses to succeed.

Reach your target audience

with our diverse network of affiliate partners

Our platform allows you the flexibility to partner with a diverse range of publisher partners, whether that’s content sites, social media sites, blogs, vouchercode or cashback, find the right partner to target the customers you want to reach.

Simple setup and flexibility

with all of the major shopping carts

Our integration with all of the major shopping carts  means you can get started easily with flexible, resource friendly fully managed, self managed options.

Transparency and control

100% control and transparency over your campaigns

The Affily Net platform gives you 100% control and transparency over your performance marketing campaigns. Establish relationships and collaborate with affiliates or added services all maintaining and protecting your brand integrit

Industry leading platform

visually stunning and feature rich

The Affily Net platform is not only visually stunning but feature rich and allows you to intelligently grow, manage and optimise your affiliate program. The scalability of it’s features become more obvious and grow as you grow, reporting down to the exact impression, click or transaction.

Specialist account management team

Affily Net has expert account management teams

dedicated to each market who are immersed in the local industry and can provide unparallelled insights, support and recommendations to grow and mature an affiliate programme on the Affily Net network. Our global and local account management team service, collaborate and co-ordinate campaigns on a global scale across multiple markets, with a holistic view across the affiliate industry.

Single platform, multiple solutions

one account for multiple stores or brands

Setup and monitor more than one store or brand all from the one account for easy management and reporting. We support all 150 currencies worldwide with real-time currency conversion and manage all of your affiliate commission payments.

Affily Net operates across 16 markets

diverse markets with global reach

Affily Net operates across 16 markets, with more than 200,000 active affilaites around the world. Working within each market, our local experts are fully equipped to drive advertisers’ online strategy forward on a global scale.